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Feedback from previous years:

                    • "I left feeling invigorated about the state of the industry and felt good knowing there are so many intelligent passionate people out there working on a lot of the same problems who are so willing to share their knowledge and experiences."
                    • "The last time I attended AALSO was 6 years ago. I decided to give it another try this year and I noticed that AALSO has made remarkable improvements... Keep up the good work and I plan on coming back."
                    • "Seeing others' operation and talking to other professionals in their environment makes me proud to be one myself."
                    • "Workshops are great because they go beyond the vendor booths by providing additional and specific hands on time with the equipment and the vendors who make them."
                    • "One of the reasons I joined AALSO to start with was to hear how other operators deal with problems and challenges because all life support systems have issues."

Agendas, abstracts, and presentations from symposia past. Find More »

Announcement regarding the 2021 AALSO Symposium and Workshops in Pittsburgh;

In light of the current ongoing situation with COVID-19 and the feedback we received from our member survey, we are negotiating to move the dates of the 2021 AALSO Symposium & Workshops to the fall. We're going to pause registration temporarily until we get the details for new dates. We are happy to announce that even with the 2021 AALSO Symposium & Workshops moved to the fall, we will still be offering a hybrid symposium.  Attendees will be able to watch lectures live, participate in virtual workshops and even take level 1 and level 2 certification exams.  We will continue to send updates to our membership as we get them.

 2020 AALSO Field Guides can be purchased HERE

  • 2021 Symposium & Workshops
The 2021 AALSO Symposium and Workshops are scheduled to take place in Pittsburgh PA. Click here to hear more!
  • Hands On Workshops
Photos and information on both our dry classroom workshops and wet workshops on our BAWL (Big Automated Water Loop) Workshop Highlights
  • Resources
Find information on our latest field guide here. Download our Exam Handbook here.